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Set up Minecraft on Desktop (Java)
Set up Minecraft on Desktop (Java)

Create your Minecraft Java account, download the launcher and game onto your PC or Mac, and join the Ender server for the first time

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To join Ender's Minecraft Java server on your desktop computer, you need to install the launcher, install and launch the most recent version of the game, and add Ender to your server list.


  • Access to a computer running a recent Windows, macOS, or Linux

  • Access to an email address and Microsoft account

  • A Minecraft Java Edition account or digital activation code


Create a Microsoft account

A Microsoft account is required to log into Minecraft Java Edition and join our Minecraft server. If you don't already have one, you can follow the steps below to create one.

  1. Visit the Microsoft account creation page and click on "Sign in" and follow the steps on screen to create a new Microsoft account. You can do this with any email you'd like

Download and install the Minecraft launcher

In order to download the Minecraft Launcher for Java Edition, you need to own a copy of Minecraft Java Edition. If you own Minecraft for your phone, tablet, or console, you likely own the Bedrock, not Java. Refer to our other guides to learn how to get set up for phone and tablet.

  1. Click on "Log in here" and follow the steps to log into the Microsoft account you used to purchase Minecraft. If you don't own the game yet, select the basic versions and follow the steps to check out

  2. After you've logged in, click on "Download Launcher" and select and download the version of the launcher for your OS (Mac, Windows, Linux)

  3. Navigate to your download folder, locate the launcher you just downloaded, open, and install it

Install the most recent version of Minecraft Java

The Minecraft launcher usually updates automatically but may occasionally prompt you for permissions. If that happens, please accept and wait for the launcher to update before continuing

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher

  2. Navigate to "MINECRAFT: Java Edition" on the panel to the right

  3. Ensure you've got "Latest release" left to the green play button

  4. Now click "Play" and wait for the game to start up

Add Ender to your server list and join

  1. Once Minecraft is up and running, click on "Multiplayer"

  2. In the multiplayer menu, click "Add Server"

  3. Enter "Ender Minecraft Club" as the server name and "" as the server address. Click "Done" to continue

  4. Back in the multiplayer menu, click on the Ender logo to join the server

  5. To complete linking the server, you need to add your 4-digit code found on our website at and paste it once you're in the server by typing "T" to enter the code on your screen.

There you have it! You successfully installed Minecraft onto your Android device, linked your Microsoft account, added Ender to your server list, and joined the server for the first time. You're ready for the club!

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