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How does Ender work?
How does Ender work?

How Ender’s daily play sessions work

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Ender hosts virtual clubs for Minecraft and Roblox that meet live every day in virtual play sessions. Play sessions are hosted virtually via voice chat and live supervised by adults on Ender’s kid-safe voice platform.

Club Platform

Virtual clubs meet on Ender’s voice chat platform custom-built to keep kids safe with features like anonymous avatars and usernames, AI and human moderated voice chat, game-integrated text chat, virtual hand-raising, and more. It’s accessible by members by visiting on any computer, tablet, or phone. In addition to kids using the platform to join play sessions, parents can use it to manage their account and billing.

Play Sessions

Virtual clubs meet every day over voice chat at scheduled times in live play sessions. The experience and timing of play sessions vary for each club. You can view available times for each gaming club here and how the experience differs for each club below.


Minecraft Club play sessions are hosted in a private, member-only Minecraft server that’s compatible across all device, platforms, versions, and editions. Members first join the club platform and choose between a survival or creative voice room. After they join, they can login to the private server to privately play with players in the same voice room.

Members can switch between rooms as they want to play different game modes.


Roblox Club play sessions are hosted in dedicated private servers for curated games. Unlike the Minecraft Club, players don’t play on one server. Instead they play across different private servers based on the game they want to play. When they first join the club platform, they choose which game they want to play. They are taken to a private voice room and server for that game, where they can play and talk with a small group of players. Members can switch between games throughout play sessions.

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